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What our patients say about us.

Our patients are our #1 priority and we strive to provide them with the top diabetes products and services as we grow. We are thankful for our great patients that acknowledge our hard work each and every single day.


Esther Fanning

I have had really great service.  I'm not sure I know how I connected with Lincoln health supply but I am very glad I did.  They made all the connections with my doctor for the paper work.  They also got all the paper work done with Medicare.  My product comes on time about every 2 weeks.  They are great!


Very professional operation. From order, to shipping, to first application, to follow up during first usage period someone has called to checkup! Also phone help has been amazing! Bravo and job well done!

Healthy Habits


They handled every detail of setup quickly and efficiently. Very convenient and well designed product. Materially makes managing my diabetes easier. Very responsive to inquiries and delivery is working great.

I would recommend Lincoln Health to anyone who needs medical supplies. They do a great job of getting thru all the paper work needed to get medical supplies.

Happy Woman
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